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I can use that toward the bottle I was paying for. I know what stacking and doubling is. I wish cashiers would understand the difference between stacking and non-stacking! Thank you so much for posting this. All they say is the expiration date, the amount that is taken off, the barcode and the information for the costomer and the cashier.

I was wondering if I can still use my coupons at walmart even though it doesnt say manufacturers coupon anywhere on it. Sohpie — Unfortunetely if they do not say that on them, they do not accept them. And yes, you can use coupons on price matched items. Sometimes cashiers not knowing the coupon policy works in your favour.

So there are times when I keep my mouth shut and let them accept the coupons. Hello — I am totally new to this whole coupon scene, and get confused with some of the fine print on coupons. If so then how do you purchase many items using multiple coupons? Say I have a coupon that is buy 2 bounty sheets get 3. I am fustrated cause I bought two and one coupon that had dollar off and the other siad bogo.

Walmart Policies and Guidelines

They only accepted one or the other. This was at walmart! Thanks so much for your website!! It has helped me so much with learning how best to price match and use coupons! I had a couple of questions though since you seem to be so well versed in Walmart policy …. I wanted to buy 6 boxes of gummies and use 6 coupons but they said no they would only accept 1 coupon.

Needless to say I only bought 1 box and made them take the other 5 back. But I still think that this does not seem right. What is your take? Why would WM allow you to get overage, and accept printables, and accept competitor coupons.. I just had the same problem. The cashier and store manager wouldnt let me use all my coupons in one transaction even though the said one per purchase not one per tranaction.

Very frustrating. Itried to explain that it was all seperate purchases within one transaction but they just wouldnt listen. Hi I had a rexall coupon from their coupon book and walmart told me ehy do not take them because it does not show their price on the coupon is this right? So it shows the savings and then shows the regular price. They would then reing the competitor coupon in as a price match.

I was at Wal-Mart and tried to use 4 coupons for 4 items I was buying 4 boxes of Oreo Sippers and had 4 coupons and was told I could only use 1 of my coupons. Christine — Yes, your store was incorrect. They should have allowed the usage of all 4 coupons. The one coupon has buy 2 Tostitos and receive a free dip. On the front there is no price mentioned. Thanks for the help. So glad to have found your site. Hopefully you can clear this up for me.

Michelle — Stacking is when you use more than 1 coupon on 1 item. What is the date of this coupon policy. Can you please let me know because I have been using coupon zone coupons there all the time until I got refused last night. I even showed the store manager the one listed here and he took a copy and said he has no idea where it came from, like as if I made it up. Linda — This policy was received on April 9th, If they have a new policy, they should post it on their website. Jen — Most likely. I went to first Cashier and got 25 of them with no problems. They had plenty of this in stock, so I went back to get some food items and some more LaCoupe.

I tried to explain that it says ANY product but has no size restriction. She then says that she was told by the cash office that they would not be reimbursed by the company because of the travel size. Needless to say I had already had everything put through along with 70 dollars in food along with Price matched items and coupons, and she went and voided the whole transaction, and made the cashier put it all-in again. What a pain that was. Never had a problem like this before, so I wrote to LaCoupe to verify any size restrictions. That is awful, and they were definetely in the wrong.

Better luck next time! My friend has just advised me that our Wal Mart is no longer accepting printed coupons…I cannot find an updated policy that states this.. Until head office confirms this by posting the coupon policy on their website, I will continue to go by the policy that they emailed to me.

I just hears the Walmart is now accepting stacking!! Can you pls confirm this? I tried called my Walmart but no answer. Well, the manager told me that it was one or the other — price match or use of the coupon and that he was going to be nice and allow me to use the coupon on 1 of my deoderants.

Do you know if there is any way to prove this policy to the manager for future use? There is nothing about price matching accompanied by coupon use in their policy. Love your site! That would be awesome! However, I cannot confirm this. First of all, great savings!

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Walmart was absolutely un the wrong. The next time they give you a problem with that, tell them to call head office. Hello I was just in my wal mart, I live in trenton ontario. They informed me that you can no longer use printable coupons unless every single bar code is different per coupon.

If they are not different then they will only allow you to use one. They also tried to say they dont do overage. Is it possible to find out from head office if they have a new policy up to date??? Sounds to me like your Walmart was making up their own rules. The next time that happens, ask them to call head office and head office will let them know that they are in the wrong.

I am extremely confused. I was at the Duncan B. C Wal-Mart today and had great difficulty with using coupons, stacking or even using more then one coupon for three items. The CSM was very rude but told me that Wal-mart has a new coupon policy that came straight from head office Saturday. When I asked her if I could see it she had a copy of something in her hand she told me I would have to get it off the internet. Have you heard about these new policies?

Any suggestions on what I can do? Many stores like to make up their own rules. Until a new policy is posted online, I will stick to the one that I received from head office the one posted here. I work at walmart so just to make things clear, we do not accept two coupons from one item such as a bogo coupon with another dollar off coupon.

Then what else makes it a competitors coupon? It must have a price per item, because competitor coupons are treated as a price match.

Walmart’s Coupon Policy: What it doesn’t allow

I read this policy carefully before going into Walmart with my competitor coupons, and I even went and checked with customer service when I first walked in to make sure that they were okay with the coupons. He said absolutely, no problem, its totally allowed. I was so excited! But when I got to the cash, the cashier was nasty and rude, and flat out refused to take them. The first manager she called agreed with her, but finally she spoke to the same person I did and I was allowed to use them.

I hate confrontation and the whole ordeal really stressed me out. Bring it with you! Wish I had this with me last week. I wish I had this policy on my last two visits…. One teller will accept a coupon while another wont. That we should ask the store manager for any questions… I will bug them till they issue one! I also work at Walmart, a cashier. At our store we accept it all. But we can accept multiple internet coupons. I have the same problem at my local walmart of the managers not knowing the policy.

Walmart's Coupon Policy | Coupons

I worked election day with a cashier from my local walmart and she said that a printed coupon must have the web address on it, When I told her that the policy does not state that she argued with me saying the managers tell them it must. I popped on here and showed her this copy of the policy and she was absolutely shocked that she was wrong and that her managers were wrong.

So I was wondering, I know they take coupons from competitors that state the amount. Very frustrating! I just went to Walmart in Brampton, and i was looking to purchase ziploc on for 0. The CS manager said that could not be done because they would be at loss and she would have to call the competitor and give me whatever retail price they are selling it for and then use the coupon.


I asked her for a written policy where it states that.. I explained I purchased the same at another location and they are out of stock which is why I am coming here. She said you got away with that one and will not happen again. I was appalled at that comment and refuse to ever enter that location again. Disgusting customer service. Note to self and others: I have had problems with the websaver coupons. I went into Walmart last week with 2 coupons for windex and because they had the same barcode they would not except either coupon..

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The alternative of calling the issuing store and giving you their retail price if you want to use their store coupon was actually the only way they could allow you to use the coupon. Here is a copy of the commuication I recieved from Walmart this morning. Please see highlighted answers in Red. Walmart Canada Corp. Live better. Good Morning. Most stores are opposite; meaning one per purchase reflects one coupon per each product you purchase during an entire transaction. So that more than one of the same coupon could be used in one transaction.

While one per transaction usually means, you can only purchase 1 bottle of Listerine with the coupon per the entire transaction.

Walmart Canada Coupon Policy

So technically I could use my 20 coupons, checking each one out individually. And then there are the coupons that say 1 purchase per item, per person, what does that mean for Walmart? Tuesday, October 25, 3: Good morning, Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your email, we presently have no coupon policy publicly available guidelines. Our Walmart website equally reflects this.

If you would like to ask a specific question s regarding coupons, we are more than happy to respond, as per the guidelines we provide our stores. Ad Match means we will match the advertised price of any competitor for any identical product if: If you have any further questions, please give us a call on our toll free number listed below.

I sent in a email a few days back. I got an email today saying they do not have a coupon policy. This is very confusing…. We presently have no coupon policy publicly available guidelines. If you would like to ask a specific question s regarding coupons, we are more than happy to respond, as per the guidelines we provide our stores Thanks for shopping at Walmart. Monday, October 31, 1: Hi there, I was wondering if you price matched and if you do, if you can use a coupon on that price matched price? I've been to many stores and I often found them to be arbitrary, so a solid response would be wonderful.

In addition, can I also have a copy of your coupon policy? Thank you so much! Yours, Bradley Garcia This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error destroy it immediately.

I went to my local Walmart today and asked my cashier and then two other employees and then the Assistant Manager if they accepted competitor coupons for like items etc.. They requested that I come by earlier when the Duty Manager was in. Most cashiers they do not know what they should do with your coupons if your coupon value is over the price of the item. The Walmart I go to on a weekly basis allows me to price match, use competitor coupons even ones without a price per unit.. I use coupons from the internet, save, gocoupons, brandsaver, websaver, plus ones from redplum and smart source.

I always seem to have issues with coupons when I go to Wal Mart. I have never gotten the same cashier twice. One refused to take competitor coupons, which I had confirmed they did take when walking in the store. She called her supervisor and they told her to take the coupons. Another one was just confusing.

Personally, I think she just needed a break, it was a very busy day and lines were long. But I got to the cashier and I had my Wal Mart Ad, because I was purchasing an item their own ad had on sale but in the isle there was no sale price posted. I asked her to check the price, and I had the correct sale item, so I told her how many I had.

When I went to hand her the coupons she says, very loudly, that I cannot Ad Match and use a coupon. I told her I was not ad matching, it was the wal mart ad, I was just making sure it was the correct item in their own ad. She kept repeating the same sentence out loud, the people in the line behind her were starting to laugh. I just stood there and handed her the coupons.

Which she took and put in the register. Not the refils and no where on the coupon did it say I had to purchase a refil to get it free, I had red it several times. I had such a fiasco getting her to accept it. I still go when an item is on sale and a coupon will almost certainly make it free, but I do prefer London Drugs or Rexall because they are more coupon friendly. Eliana, I have had several incidents like yours. I wish they would train each of their cashiers on the coupon policies.

People huffing and puffing behind me in the line, and getting upset at me. I have been using coupons for over 35 years now, and it only seems to be getting worse. Walmart ultimately is the best store to use, however, most times you have to wait patiently for them to figure it out. I was just informed by a friend who is friends with a walmart manager here in BC… and apparently they are now allowing 2 coupons per item! Even went so far as to say if you have an issue as for me or — — — and we will let that casheir know that is the new policy…l. Why do they not just tell everyone at the same time!

I am not sure however about the overage deal yet though.

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It used to be you would get the overage… not so sure now………… Any idea? I was very nice because i have never run into a problem there and they even made an exception on one of my purchases! I was price matching and there was a mistake in the flyer that had been posted as a mistake at SDM and i told the CSM and she grated the mistake and let me price match the item! But if anyone lives in hamilton ontario , Upper james walmart is the best except for the one problem! The Walmart at the Markville Shopping mall at Markham Ontario is the worst regarding printout coupons. I got refused everytime: I never had any luck with printout coupons with that Walmart.

I had not encountered problems yet with my mailed out coupons at that store yet. Thanks for updating us! Does that mean we can no longer use a manufacturers coupon and a instore coupon? I am new to the couponing and have only done a small shop but not at Walmart yet. Anyone know if the policy has changed?

I ran into problems today where they told me I was only allowed to use 6 coupons. Or can we not do this in Canada? London Drugs is the only store in Canada that you can stack manufacturers coupons at. What does it mean in the policy for: Thanks in advance. Thank you, this was helpful. Thank you for the useful info! Since I had 40 coupons 1 per purchase and 40 of the same items she had to call the manager…. She comes over she looks at my coupons and tells me at first if you had 2 or 3 then she changes her mind and says 1 per transaction. She probably wanted some lol.

After yet another frusturating experience at walmart yesterday, i have decided i will not be shopping there in the future. I came with two coupons, one was a coupon that was emailed to me as an attchment from the manufacturer and the other was a regular coupon. The cashier looked at each of them quickly and said sorry we do not accept these. I have found that everytime i have gone to walmart with a coupon they will immediately refuse it. I asked her why they wouldnt accept my coupons and her exscuse was that the printable coupon looked photocopied because it was black and white.

She also said that when using a printable coupon that the cashier must be able to see the website across the top of the page where the coupon was printed from. I ended up having to show her the email on my phone from the manufacturer and she very angrily accepted it finally. I used to think that was stacking and not allowed, but I have talked to a few manufacturers now and they have all told me it was okay to use both coupons. I am a cashier at Wal-Mart.

Each store manager can override any coupon policy from head office — one will do it when that store has had a problem. Our store, we are very watchful of ones printed — since they cannot be reproduced, one does have a hard time knowing if these 10 they have printed are all originals, or if they have made copies of one. Our store will limit such printouts to 6. Same with printed coupons from the flyers you get in the mail — this is done as a courtesy to other customers without coupons wanting the product, but Ms. Couponer with her 20 coupons is taking all the product in the store off the shelf to use, leaving nothing that day for anyone else to buy.

One person above mentioned about having a problem with Websaver coupons….. So what was on both of her coupons for the same product? If she had 2 for the same product with the same expiry date with the same barcode, then how did she get 2 since only one is issued per promotion period? So that cashier was right to question using the coupons. Since we have to read the coupons, and the print is so small, it takes time: If you had used the same coupon before with no problem, there may be a reason: So when I see that on the coupon, I do not allow more than one coupon per that transaction.

You purchasing 6 of something and have a coupon for each that states per transaction, then you have to do 6 separate transactions. The other day I had a woman and her mother with a box of Pampers Baby Dry. She then tried to hand me another coupon. Baby Dry as NOT on the list. She got pretty snarky with me when I refused either coupon.

The woman watched me walk over to the CSM podium to report what they were about to. I have printed off alot of coupons from Livingwell. Which means if buying 3 packages of one kind of cookies nad you have 3 coupons to use for those 3 packages, you would have to do 3 separate transactions. So Wal-Mart allowing a customer to purchase 3 packages of one kind of cookie with 3 coupons in that same transaction, is actually going against what the manufacturer intended.

Does walmart buy Canadian manufactured goods from small manufacturers in Ontario to encourage small fashion manufacturers? If I were to price match an item, am I still allowed to use a coupon towards that item? I would like to express my opinion as well…. I guess you had been lucky last time!!!!!! I was just trying to express my opinion….. I hope all people will try to understand me nd agree with what I said below.. At wallmart today with a Zone coupon from superstore,they refused to accept.

They have taken them before but are not accepting them now. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Yes, you can do that. When they say they accept compeditors coupons are accepted does that mean I can use the Metro 1. No, the coupon has to have a final selling price. Does anyone know if you shop in Walmart if the store has a copy of there coupong policy?

One other question if a coupon is more then the product do they have to give you the overage on the coupon? Yes, they should have the policy with all cashiers. Also, yes, they do have to give you the overage. I asked if the policy had just changed because it is not acceptable to me to not honor the rules. Do I contact head office or finally give up and shop at the other stores?

Which I believe is not stated in the policy. I read the comments above and can believe it can be hard on cashiers in any store now a days since couponing has grown. I am also sure there are people out there who try to use fake or expired, etc… coupons. However, there are a lot of couponers who are honest and are patient and are just trying to save a buck here and there too. Patience works both ways. Some couponers think that if they fill in the full value, that they are entitled to an overage. I feel that a FPC is up to the price of the item at the particular store you choose to purchase at.

That means you are using 1 coupon per purchase item , which is exactly what is written on almost all coupons. If you explain it this way, they should understand. So I guess Walmart does not accept the Livingwell. Apparently those coupons are allowed. As long as Walmart knows the coupon source Living Well, for example is a reliable source, they will accept the coupon. They said I could only do one or the other, not both. I was so upset. I tried emailing Walmart and asking what their policy was on this, but they never responded.

Ok so heres my question i have tear pad manufacturer coupons from superstore 1. You can only use competitor coupons if there is a final selling price. According to her, she had never seen identical coupons with identical UPCS. According to this cashier, every coupon even identical ones is suppose to have a different upc — seriously?

She had to call the CSM, who was able to put her fears to rest insert sarcasm. This coupon was from Facebook. The coupon has a redemption address of Nestle Canada which is what I had explained to her. I though Walmart was a store?? If the coupon was a specific store coupon, would the store address not be indicated as the redemption address?

Thanks Ruby!! I also hate reading about people getting so out of sorts when we are only doing our job. For those waiting on HO to get back to you about your email, HO gets the email and then forwards it back to that particular store for a manager to follow up on. I would keep emailing. Each store has several assistant managers who can respond and one of them has to do it eventually as HO wants feed back on every single contact.

Im still pretty new to couponing and Im trying to understand the competitor coupon policy first. I have a coupon from Real Canadian Superstore, the kind only for loblaws stores. Im still paying after the coupon,also is that even considered specified price? Does Walmart accept competitor coupons that are for dollars or cents off but do not have a specified price on them?

I see here in the policy it says that black and white coupons are accept. Very frustrated I was turned away!!!!! I was told today that now you can only use a max of 6 coupons per transaction….. Whenever I use coupons for free items at Walmart, I notice an inconsistency in the policy regarding sales tax. You are not supposed to be charged tax on FREE items. Thank you! I will be sure to tell the cashiers not to charge tax on a free item!

I found this interesting article in the National Post: Why Dollarama is beating Wal-Mart and Target. Most times they just put down what the item scans at. Cuz I was told the wording changed whether you get the overage if it says maximum value then they put the price it scans at??? You only receive what the item scans at. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we'll match it. Right at the register. Download Our Ad Match Guarantee. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest youtube. Over 2, media appearances! As seen on:.

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We only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell. Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase. Only one coupon per item. Item purchased must be identical to the coupon size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc. There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction. Coupons must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to expiration.