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After growing up with an abusive father, Ross was especially sensitive when it came to child abuse patients.

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Ross resigned from the hospital after he advised the mother of a terminally ill patient how to administer a deadly dose of medication. As a foil to the passionate, wildcard surgeon Dr. Geiger, the more stable yet still outspoken Dr. Austin Christine Lahti was a fearless surgeon with an impressive reputation.

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Her ego and hunger for power made her a star in the operating room but an antagonistic personality outside of it. Hailing from England, Dr. Corday Alex Kingston joined the team at County General to hone her trauma surgery skills. Although she struggled to learn the American hospital lingo "page Dr. X" not "bleep Dr. X" , she eventually became one of the most well-liked and compassionate doctors on staff. Plastic surgery, family medicine Hospital affiliation: Hansen Melina Kanakaredes , who relocated to her hometown in Providence, R.

Sacred Heart in California Bedside manner: The quirky, caring, and charismatic Dr. Dorian Zach Braff had a knack for connecting with patients — whether they wanted to or not. Prone to daydreaming , Dorian always returned to the real world to help his patients feel more comfortable and get better. Dorian was often found confiding in or seeking advice from his trusty sidekick, Dr.

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Chris Turk Donald Faison , and cranky-but-wise mentor, Dr. Perry Cox played by John C. Plastic surgery Hospital affiliation: The talented and skilled surgeon Dylan Walsh opened each conversation with his new patients this way: Christian Troy. While at first glance Dr. Troy Julian McMahon seemed like the stereotypical big-deal plastic surgeon — with flashy cars and a penchant for picking up women — he also had a sensitive side that stemmed from an abusive childhood.

Warner Bros. Spinal surgery Hospital affiliation: Sebastian in Los Angeles Bedside manner: Shephard Matthew Fox was a well-respected Los Angeles spinal surgeon who ably took on emergency trauma care in the aftermath of a plane crash on a mysterious island. The dire circumstances that followed the accident gave Shephard multiple opportunities to save the lives of his fellow passengers and island inhabitants — he even daringly performed a beachside appendectomy on himself. A natural leader, Shephard had a calm demeanor in the face of danger. Nephrology and infectious disease Hospital affiliation: Princeton Plainsboro in New Jersey Bedside manner: House Hugh Laurie has a passion for solving unsolvable medical cases, in part because of a personal misdiagnosis that permanently damaged his leg.

House has an uncanny ability to see through his patients' lies , which usually lead him and his team of diagnosticians to the correct — and often lifesaving — diagnosis. Seattle Grace Bedside manner: He can become deeply affected by his patients — he even slipped into a depression after a pregnant patient died.

Shepherd is currently leading a clinical trial for Alzheimer's disease with his wife, surgeon Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo , who lost her surgeon mother to the illness. Plus, I respect your privacy and will never spam or share your email. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Are We Friends Yet? Gaiam Exclusive 5-Piece Yoga Set.

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Vitaminerals Cryogel Pain Relief Gel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Throw them in jail! USA Today.

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Vaccine skeptics? Sue them for damages! Mike Adams summarizes this dangerous crossroads well:. This is, by definition, the very essence of a medical police state. It is good in that is shows the desperation of the authorities attempting to force medical dogma and vaccine compliance on a public that should be free to make up its own mind.

This is shockingly even true for those who opt out of vaccines like MMR for legitimate religious reasons because they are cultured on electively aborted fetal cell tissue, which is abhorrent to those who are pro-life.

As Gandhi said so well in the quotation above, this is the final phase of battle before you ultimately secure your freedom. Of course, the endgame for those in favor of forced compliance for all citizens is a Federal law mandating vaccines which would supersede state exemption laws in one fell swoop.

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Will the voting public allow this to happen? The best strategy then is to quietly go about our business, live our lives, and refuse to participate in any attempts at forced medical tyranny on ourselves and our children.

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We have the real and unbiased science behind us sources. The vaccine propaganda will ultimately fail as a growing wave of parents determined to preserve the health of their children opt out of the egregious CDC childhood vaccination schedule no matter what the consequences may be.

This especially with the dire predictions that one in every two children will be autistic by Nonvaccinated children rarely fall anywhere on the spectrum while 1 in every 26 vaccinated children are on the spectrum today in the state of New Jersey it was one in every nationally only 15 years ago!