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Choose a category and go exploring, you never know what accessory you might find to improve your riding experience. An enormous range of head protection is available to choose from as well, keeping you both protected and stylish. Modular helmets, full-face, half-helmets and off-road helmets are available in all colors, styles and sizes.

Motorcycle tires, parts and accessories for most motorcycle brands are also easy to find and order. I am a commuter biker; 8 miles a day in a good sized city.

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We get plenty of snow and with my new fat bike I needed some serious fenders. These are it! There was everything I needed to attach it to my bike included, even the Allen wrench. It was easy to attach and fits perfect. I get full coverage of my 4 inch ties and it kept my legs sludug free. No complaints from me. It was well worth the money.

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I have. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. Okay, as you all can see in pictures it is one of the real smart and bold looking bikes.

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It definitely catches attention and your kid might feel that he or she has something exclusive. So let's talk about the usability. Even if with age requirement being met, it is relatively a heavier bike and can be harder for younger kids to give it the speed they want. I bought this as a gift for my husband who is a year-round commuter.

He rides in all kinds of weather needed bigger fenders for his Fat Tire Bike and these are perfect. It took me 30 minutes to unpack and put this bike together. A spanner wrench and 3 hex wrench are included.

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You will need a mid size philips head screw driver to install the reflectors. The instruction manual is pretty useless, but it's there's only a few pieces to put together. Basically you put the pedal on with the spanner, put the handle bar on with the hex wrench. Put the seat post in with the hex wrench. Install the wheels with the spanner. That's it. Would have taken less than 30 minute if I had help holding the handle bar while instilling. The design looks nice. There's adjustability in the seat, but surprisingly not in the handle bar.

The handle bar appears a bit low especially when the seat is at it's upper height. The handle bar Really nice for the money. A nice fit. Have tried it in the snow, off road, street. For street pump tires up to 28 pounds rolls nicely. I recommend it. Minor assembly was a easy endeavor. Simply love this bike, nice hill climbing gears. Other orders receive 2-day shipping, and expedited shipping at a higher charge. The company offers a day money-back guarantee.

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