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Thanks to Clement P. Unlike many rental car companies that charge a premium on additional drivers, Budget allows a spouse, domestic partner, employer or fellow employee to drive the vehicle without any additional paperwork or payment. This can save you quite a bit: An additional driver must be at least 25 years of age. The following are exempt from the fee but must meet all other driver requirements:. Click here to read more about why we recommend them. Undercover Tourist now offers fantastic deals on Budget car rentals!

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The catch is that you have to buy an attraction ticket in order to get the lowest rates. The car does not need to be rented in Orlando — they offer rates nationwide! Just type the code into the appropriate box on the Budget website. The codes below are good for anyone to use and do not require a paper coupon. Rates do not include taxes and fees.

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Jump to: Additional Drivers Unlike many rental car companies that charge a premium on additional drivers, Budget allows a spouse, domestic partner, employer or fellow employee to drive the vehicle without any additional paperwork or payment. The following are exempt from the fee but must meet all other driver requirements: The policy above was accurate when added to this page, but is subject to change at any time. Sometimes the smaller cars sell out first and the agencies have a glut of midsize or fullsize cars.

Hourly rates apply if you return the car within the period of 30 minutes to 2 hours past the pick-up time. Turning your car in at 4: Thanks to Dan B and Paula H for the info. If you have an American Express card that participates in the Membership Rewards program , be aware that the rental car rewards usually cannot be used with other discounts.

For that reason, the rental car rewards are not usually such a hot deal. Thanks to Cathy D for pointing this out. We have had good results renting from all of them and would not hesitate to choose them again. Also, in our experience, the lower-tier companies are more likely to give you the extra-hard sell on buying add-ons like insurance or pre-paid gas.

Many rental car companies have divided their business between two different brands. The brands are owned by the same parent company, but generally speaking, one brand is intended for business travellers and the other for leisure vacation travelers.

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A significant exception exists: Did you know that you probably do not need to purchase the extra insurance offered by rental car companies i. Most US residents are covered for collision damage by their own auto insurance policies unless they are renting an unusual vehicle. Note that some policies may exclude rented SUVs, luxury cars or convertibles.

Call your insurance company to confirm what type of coverage your policy provides for rental cars. Many upper end credit cards and charge cards , such as Gold and Platinum American Express and some MasterCard and Visa cards, also include insurance benefits when you use them to rent a car. Credit card benefits differ widely, so call to get specifics before choosing whether or not to purchase the insurance.

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LOU basically means that if the car is damaged during your rental, the car rental company will try to keep charging you the daily rental fee until the car comes back from the repair shop. This is ostensibly to compensate the company for lost revenue. A number of people have reported that even after they repeatedly and emphatically told the rental agent that they wanted to refuse the insurance, when they returned the car, they had been charged for the insurance. In some cases this nearly doubled the cost of the rental.

It turned out that during the rental process they had been instructed to initial a space that indicated they accepted the insurance.

This has been reported at almost every agency. Another misleading insurance sales ploy that has been reported is this: Rental car companies do NOT include any basic insurance coverage in the US, unless you have some kind of specially-negotiated corporate contract with them i.

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This allows you to do almost all of the paperwork in advance and usually you get to avoid the check-in line, or stand in a special line. This is a scam, pure and simple. They know this, and they know they are going have to upgrade you into a larger vehicle without additional charge. Why do they do this?

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When you pick up your rental car, most companies will offer you the option of prepaying for a full tank of gas, often at a temptingly low per-gallon rate. Our advice is to decline the prepaid tank of gas. Just go ahead and return the car partially full. We first learned about this from MouseSavers. You can use the built-in toll transponder in the car. The way it works is that you go through the fast toll lane and they charge your credit card for the tolls [plus a big daily fee]. A guy in line in front of us warned us about it.

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The rental car transponder service from the rental company is not a good deal. The SunPass lane does not save you more than a minute or two on the toll roads you will encounter around Orlando. Right now the rental car toll transponder is a totally unnecessary fee that you can easily avoid. Be sure to have a dollar or two in quarters. Many of the exits and entrances to the toll roads are unattended and require you to toss coins into a collection point in order to pay the toll.

If you need safety seats or booster seats for your kids, be sure to check with the car rental agency about whether there is an extra charge for them, since that can add a substantial amount to your costs.

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Some, but not all, rental minivans include integrated child safety seats. It definitely pays to shop around if you need car seats with your rental. Other companies like Budget would charge me the daily rental rate for the entire period.