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Do you have a solid number of followers and do you constantly engage with them and in turn, do they engage with you? These are questions you need to ask yourself because this is what companies look at when deciding to take on a new endorsee. Companies also value artists that are loyal. They want to work with artists that want to work with them, not artists that send generic endorsement inquiries that were most likely sent out to them and ten of their competitors.

Introduce yourself, give them your 15 second elevator pitch explaining who you are as an artist and what you do. Next, talk about the gear of theirs you use and why you like it. Again, loyalty is key and letting them know you are already using their product is a sign to them that not only you are knowledgeable about their company but that with or without an endorsement, you will be using their gear.

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If a company is on the fence about whether or not to take you on as an artist, that type of loyalty could tip the odds in your favor. In your submission to the company, you should also attach your Electronic Press Kit EPK for them to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you.

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Lastly, you should include any existing endorsements you have in your submission if you have any. A great way to increase your chances of landing a deal is by showing that other companies are investing in you and see value in bringing you on board as one of their artists to influence customers to purchase their products. So a company has offered you a deal. But what did they offer you? There are three different tiers available for artists. There is also the difference between an exclusive deal and non-exclusive deal.

If you have a non-exclusive deal, you are free to do as you please. A non-exclusive company is working with two artists: The company is put in a position to highlight one of their artists for an upcoming social media takeover they want to do. Guess which one of those artists is most likely to receive that extra love from the company? You are also required to make social media posts about the company using tags and hashtags.

We live in a digital age where social media is king and companies rely on social media heavily to keep people updated and informed on product releases and any other news that is relevant to them so your posts on your pages about them are valued just as heavily. In the same way, make sure to make posts on social media and your website when a new deal has been made to get that news out there and establish your relationship in the public space.

Also, anytime you are doing interviews, make sure the interviewer knows you have companies backing you so you can have that brought into the conversation. When those interviews are posted, circle back to your artist rep and send that over so that they can keep it on file, and maybe even share it to all of their followers too. As an artist, you also need to do photoshoots so the company has images of you with their gear so that they in turn can promote you via social media and official websites.

You can also use those pictures to fulfill your promotional obligations to the company. I am perpetually hearing musicians spouting wrong understandings of how they work and the business behind them, how easy or difficult they are to get, and where to start.

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The endorsement relationship is something I look at as a mutual endorsement — it says to the public that the brand or company likes the artist and approves of them publicly using their product, and that the artist likes the company and their product more than any of the others available on the market.

They endorse each other. So you have to ask yourself — if a brand decides to ally itself with you in the form of an endorsement, will they sell more instruments as a result? Can you give them the kind of exposure to the kind of people who will actually go out and buy their product because they saw you use it?

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They will get nothing out of it, because probably none of those elderly Guatemalans will throw down the quetzals it takes to import a nice dreadnaught. So why do you want, or think you need, an endorsement?

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Do you not have the equipment you need to play the music that you play? Small companies are more informal. I've found the best way is to politely inquire, and view it as the beginning of building a relationship rather than a transaction. Also one key language detail - you are endorsing their product, not the other way around. But to get a deal towards the right end of that, you need to provide value for what they are providing in visibility, be it from live playing or youtube videos or social media presence.

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Jul 18, Last edited: May 4, Sartori likes this. May 4, 4. Feb 6, Pacific Northwet Total fanboi of: Trade show appearances? The key thing is, you're going to be benefitting and essentially "working for" the company, in the sense that if you get a discount or free stuff, it has to be very well worth it for that company.

Just as a start. A lot of bigger companies have their requirements, if not publicly available, then available through their AR. May 4, 5. Feb 8, Missouri. Do you have any recorded material that is present? You said your touring with three bands as they will want to know if your full time and how your promoting these bands so they might step in for support. Things have changed a lot in the music industry and if you want free strings or a nice rig and even maybe a free bass they will want to know what your doing to support the promotion of the products they make, put together this package of what your doing and present it to these manufacturers May 4, 6.

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Awesome advice. I'm not looking for hand outs or huge companies, it would be nice though. Most companies I have talked with just want numbers.. Very vague and general number cruncher style questions. Now I feel these are valid questions but again not looking for a signature model, all though it would be nice one day. It seems smaller companies are just to busy unless I get to meet for some face to face time.

I also agree that I am the endorser, sounds kinda tough, like Sylvester Stallone is the endorser. I do currently endorse all brands I use. I get a barrage of questions after a show asking about my gear and my sound. So it seems in the best interest of number crunchers to not worry about joe bassist because they are getting the endorsement anyway. Again thanks for the advice!