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Laborers stood on task without any distraction, constructive criticism given by manager when needed, free meal per shift, customers were never dissatisfied, laborers trained to respond positively to immoral customer behavior. Was this review helpful? Very fast paced and stressful both with trying to keep up with orders and trying to go as fast as the management wants you to.

Always had to stay late because it would get too busy to lose someone or closing would take an extra hour to an hour and a half. Management is terrible, owner acts like a child and won't take care of anything themselves. Management has mental breakdowns in the back.

Would go home smelling terrible and the scent never left clothes. Only one 15 min break even if you work 12 hours. Rarely get raises. Only offered 25 cents more to become a manager. Managers are told to give up personal life to come work and to not make any plans outside of work because they will be called in and are not allowed to say no. Horrible for Students. If you get stuck with a closing shift you will have virtually no time to do your schoolwork. I would recommend working anywhere else as a student.

As for the type of people who are looking for a job with decent pay and really nice benefits, this is a great place. If you're a college student it's either going to be a perfect fit for you or the worst place possible strictly based on hours alone but as for high school students, DO NOT! You will most likely work from pm and due to the nature of the place, there's no evening shift that doesn't involve closing.

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The dinner rushes are also miserable for anyone working. The food is great though so added bonus there. For anyone out of school though who enjoys working in fast paced food service, this could be alright for you. I was a single mother. I was a single mother looking for a job i could work my way up to a career. It became like i was having to fight for my job everyday.

Sorry about that

Not knowing if i was getting fired or not. The communication level and the appreciation level was very low. Along with if you were pregnant there were no benefits along with it was hard to get time off to deal with anything personal. Moe's has a very low career rate. Everyday is a fight no body want to take responsibility and no one wants to have good work ethic so you end up doing more to cover your self. Love the company, wasn't paid enough.

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Moe's was a great restaurant to work for in my college years. They maintain a great environment with friendly coworkers and a usually reliable management. I was able to stay with them for a while and get management experience of my own, but after being there long enough you realize how hard they make you work without paying a fair wage in return. For working as regularly as I did, and being an important member of the team, I didn't feel I or any of my coworkers were being compensated fairly.

Keep in mind that Moe's is a franchise, so their wages depend entirely on the owner of that particular location. I've heard of Moe's in other towns paying much better than ours did. Very fun place to work. Let me start off by saying that I have been working at this company for 10 years. I use to be the general manager at this company for 6 years until I was told that at the spot that i was working at could not afford to pay the salary that I was making.

At this time I was offfered to work at another Moes that he owned in Bloomington which was an hour away and I declined. But never the less The owner and I still remains in good standing and I continued to work with him over the next 4 years helping with catering whenever I can. I had fun as a General manager at the job and i was in control over the whole running of the operation that dealt with the store.

I did the hiring,firing,training,meetings,food ordering,pay roll, etc.. This was a fast pace restaurant and I met a lot of good people as well as built a lot of relationships. A college town environment. And we'll deliver your meal and set everything up, so you can concentrate on everything else, like saying, "I do. Looks like that email is already registered. Something went wrong. Take your time and give it a go again. You did it. Find Me.

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Connect with us. Women in white will never give Trump credit Lamont backs liberals on minimum wage, not taxes 8. Students sue to open Yale fraternities to women 7.